Tivat Music Festival

July 17, 2024, 10 a.m.

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Marija Cvijić, soprano
Branislav Cvijić, tenor
Ivan Nikolić, baritone
Marina Mikić, piano


Petar Jovanović
Little Bee Dana, opera for children

Text adaptation, establishment of the new concept, and direction: Branislav Cvijić

The opera for children Little Bee Dana by composer Petar Jovanović premiered in 1987 in Zaječar. The Visoko C [High C] Association of Artists included this work in its repertoire primarily because of its cheerful and tender theme – conveying a message that only through diligence can one overcome moodiness and failure. The story revolves around Dana, who, alongside her friend – the faithful butterfly Šarko, diligently works throughout the day. Also part of the narrative is the ladybug Mara, an old acquaintance, who always brings joy to children. The plot thickens when the bumblebee Beda appears and steals honey. Šarko comes to the rescue, joining forces with Mara to defeat Beda. Realizing his mistake, Beda admits his fault, and in the end, everyone sings songs of happiness, celebrating a beautiful day, nature, and the little bee Dana who unites them all.


The Visoko C [High C] Association of Artists was founded in 2015 with the aim of preparing and realizing operas, plays with singing, operas for children and musicals, and concerts, as well as of organizing acting classes, singing classes, and summer courses while educating citizens, especially children, about the importance of art. In this regard, at the concert titled O Ljubavi [About Love], members of the Association presented a series of traditional melodies, and through Spanish songs, Italian canzones, and Russian romances, presented stories from everyday life about love for those close to us, towards nature, and for one’s homeland, among other sentiments. Through the performances of operas for children, the Association fosters the development of children’s musical taste, the development of creativity, and the strengthening of personality. In arrangements adapted to children, with modern direction and accompaniment by piano or a chamber ensemble, the Association has held hundreds of performances. The most performed operas for children include Die Zauberflöte to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Puss in Boots by César Cui, Cinderella by Eduard Poldini, Snow White by Petar Krstić, Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bee Dana by Petar Jovanović, and the following operas for children by Marija Cvijić, written to texts by Branislav Cvijić: The Ant and the Grasshopper, Hansel and Gretel, and The Čardak neither in Heaven nor on Earth.

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July 17 2024, 10 a.m.


Culture Square

Tivat Music Festival

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