Tivat Music Festival

August 12 2024, 9 p.m.

Partner of the program:


Jadran City Choir
Andrea Orlando Tripović, conductor

Concert guests:
Budva City Choir
Laura Ivanović, conductor
City Choir of Nikola Đurković Cultural Center, Kotor
Dušica Ćetković, conductor


Jadran City Choir, Tivat

Zvona moga grada [Bells of My City] (music: Zvonko Špišić, lyrics: Dragutin Drago Britvić, arrangement: Tomislav Uhlik)

Galeb i ja [The Seagull and I] (music: Zdenko Runjić, lyrics: Tomislav Zuppa, arrangement: Jure Šaban Stanić)

Dišperadun [Desperado] (music: Zdenko Runjić, lyrics: Krste Juras, arrangement: Jure Šaban Stanić)

Četiri stađuna [Four Seasons] (music: Zdenko Runjić, lyrics: Krste Juras, arrangement: Jure Šaban Stanić)

Bokeljska noć [Boka Night] (music: Hrvoje Hegedušić, lyrics: Maja Perfiljeva, arrangement: Jure Šaban Stanić)


Andrea Orlando Tripović is a conductor, piano professor, and leader of choirs and vocal groups. She graduated from the Music Academy in the Republic of Croatia. Her professional experience includes positions at the Vida Matjan Secondary Music School in Kotor, where she served as educator, and at the church of St. Tryphon in Kotor, where she directed the Cathedral Choir. Additionally, she has led several vocal groups in the Kotor and Tivat area, with her longest tenure being with the Klapa Jadran group from Tivat. Andrea Orlando Tripović has been a longtime collaborator in the organization of the KotorArt festival and currently serves as the Director of the recently established Tivat Music Festival. She is currently employed at the Music School in Tivat and also serves as the Conductor of the City Choir in the same city.

The Jadran City Choir, led by Prof. Andrea Orlando Tripović, was successfully reinstated as a cultural institution in early 2024 with the support of the Tivat Cultural Center. Originally established in accordance with the traditions of the Adriatic Guard Choir, formed in 1925, the Jadran City Choir has been once again revived, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor. It was also previously reestablished in 1996, operating for a run of years under the baton of Prof. Nikola Gregović. Presently, the Tivat City Choir comprises 48 members, consisting of amateurs and singing enthusiasts. The choir’s repertoire encompasses songs from the Boka Bay region, Montenegrin melodies, pop songs, gospel, chansons, and performances inspired by the repertoire of Perpetuum Jazzile.

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August 12 2024, 9 p.m.


Tivat Cultural Center

Tivat Music Festival

Tivat Music Festival (TMF) is a new artistic platform on the Montenegrin coast.