Concert for babies: BABYARTIĆ

Tivat Music Festival

August 7, 8 p.m.

Partners of the program:

Concert for babies: BABYARTIĆ

ARTYSH:LAB Association of Artists
Bojana Dadić, violin
Emilija Petkoić, piano
Neda Aleksić, piano


The Artysh:Lab Artistic Association is engaged in creating interactive concerts and music workshops for babies and children from the perinatal period to the age of twelve. In its work so far, more than 500 interactive concerts have been performed, four scientific research studies have been conducted, and various projects have been implemented at the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth and the Venčić Developmental Kindergarten. The Musicate with Movement Scientifico-Artistic Development Center, aimed at adults (professionals, parents of young children, and hobbyists) and scientific research activities, was established in 2023. The results of research carried out by the organization and presented at domestic and international conferences in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and the United Kingdom have shown that the center’s programs have elicited a positive response in participating children, and that music and movement can influence psychomotor development in the earliest stages. The organization also conducts training for future professionals in the field of early development for the implementation of music activities in this setting, creates programs both for children of standard developmental capabilities and for children with sensory integration difficulties, works on developing new audiences in the musical arts, and promotes the importance of performing for the youngest among us.

Bojana Dadić, violin, graduated under Professor Dejan Mihailović from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. During her studies, she participated in major concert projects and the international festival in Bulgaria and served as a member of the KotorArt Festival Orchestra. As a student, she was also a scholarship recipient of the Fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia. Bojana Dadić has performed in numerous chamber ensembles, and in 2010, was awarded the title of Laureate at the International String Competition in Serbia, with a piano quintet. Bojana Dadić has been involved in pedagogy for ten years and has experience in individual work as well as group teaching with children of all ages. Since 2015 She has been a member of the ARYSH:LAB Artistic Association. As a performer, Bojana Dadić has appeared in numerous concerts for infants and young children in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Šabac, Loznica, Kraljevo, and Novi Sad. She is a member of the Pandora String Quartet, with which she has been performing since 2015. In order to introduce classical instruments to a wider audience, Bojana Dadić performs well-known arrangements of pop, rock, and house music hits with the Quartet. In collaboration with Artz, she has performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in collaboration with ESYO in Italy at film festivals in Turin and Bologna. Bojana Dadić is employed as a violin teacher at the Kosta Manojlović Music School in Zemun.

Emilija Petković, piano, received her primary music education at the Dr. Vojislav Vučković Music School in Čačak, under Professors Natalija Radovanović and Magdalena Popović. She continued her studies at the Kosta Manojlović Secondary Music School in Zemun, under Professor Zlata Maleš. Emilija Petković completed her undergraduate, master’s, and specialist studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, under Professor Ninoslav Živković. During her studies, she participated in numerous domestic and international competitions, winning many awards. Emilija Petković has performed in concerts in Belgrade at prestigious venues such as the Great Hall of the Kolarac Endowment, the Kolarac Gallery, the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, the Ethnographic Museum, the Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center, the Artget Gallery, the Children’s Cultural Center, and the Parobrod Cultural Institution. She has furthered her education through master classes with prominent pedagogues and performers such as Siavush Gadjiev, Konstantin Bogino, Lidija Bizjak, Simon Adda-Reyss, Ninoslav Živković, Marija Đukić, Aleksandar Madžar, Michael Uhde, and Jasques Rouvier. Emilija Petković is employed as a piano teacher at the Kosta Manojlović Music School in Zemun. She regularly performs in concerts for children as part of the Artysh:Lab Association.

Neda Aleksić is a Specialist in Musical Arts – Piano, and a doctoral student at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. She has successfully performed as a soloist and chamber musician, refining her skills with prominent piano pedagogues both domestically and internationally. After completing her specialization under Professor Lidija Stanković at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Neda Aleksić became interested in creating and developing programs for young children. In 2015, she founded the Artysh:Lab Artistic Association, where she collaborates with experts from various fields of child development. She engages in scientific research studying the influence of music and movement on the development of children at an early age. With a team of experts, Neda Aleksić designs and conducts interactive concerts and music workshops for children aged 0 to 12. She holds a certificate from the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva for the application of the Dalcroze approach in her work, which relates to music and movement in various spheres of musical performance and pedagogy. Neda Aleksić is the author of the Musicate with Movement concept, which since October 2023 has involved adult participants through various forms of education and workshops.

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8 p.m.


Children’s Park, Daro Petković Square,

Tivat Music Festival

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