Tivat Music Festival

July 26, 9 p.m.

Partner of the program:


Marija Mitrović, keyboards
Luna Kostadinović, violin
Tin Džaferović, bass
Blažo Tatar, drums
Ivan Marović, guitar
Moderator: Boris Marković, musicologist


Ivan Marović

Misfortune Teller



Evil Summer

Waltz for three

Steampunk Robot Overlords


Dead Flamingos

I dreamt that I had done it

I awoke to find it true



Ivan Marović, composer, completed his primary and secondary music education at the Vida Matjan Music School in Kotor. As a young student, he was noticed by the prominent Yugoslav composer Vojin Komadina, who became his mentor and provided him with his first lessons in Composition, leading Marović to enroll in Composition and Piano studies at the Music Academy in Cetinje. Additionally, he has attended numerous master classes in composition, jazz piano, and film music both regionally and internationally. For the KotorArt festival, he has been commissioned multiple times to compose works for string orchestra or wind quintet. With his own projects and bands, Ivan Marović has recorded several albums of jazz music and other genres. In addition to original compositions, which include Everlasting Spark for string orchestra and narrator, Kotor 1979 for string orchestra, Carnival in the Fog for wind quintet, and others, he also writes music for theater and film. He has won several awards for his theatrical and cinematic work at domestic and international festivals, such as the Award for Best Music for the feature film Sirin (Senad Šahmanović) at the Otranto Film Festival in Italy, the Award for Associate Author for the music in the play Medea (Slobodan Milatović), and the Award for Associate Author for the music in the play Oro from a Fairytale (Bonjo Lungov) at the Montenegrin Theater Biennale.

Boris Marković, musicologist and music critic, graduated from the Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad, first in Music Pedagogy and then in Musicology, later enrolling in doctoral studies in Musicology. He has been involved in archival work at the cultural institution Matica Srpska, focusing on compiling a bibliography of writings on music in Serbian newspapers from the 19th century. Boris Marković has authored several scholarly papers and is the author of the book Muzika na talasima (Academy of Arts/Association of Guitarists of Vojvodina, 2016), as well as official textbooks for Music Culture for the seventh and eighth grades of primary school (Eduka, Belgrade). He serves as editor of program catalogs for festivals such as SOMUS, KotorArt, and WBA, as well as for other publications (festival bulletins, compact discs, magazines). Boris Marković has contributed more than 500 professional music reviews and conducted over 400 professional interviews, which have been published in various newspapers including Novi Sad’s Dnevnik, Belgrade’s Politika and Radar news magazine, and Podgorica’s Pobjeda and Vijesti. Since 2003, he has been involved in radio journalism as both an author and editor of programs focusing on classical music at RTV Radio Novi Sad, and as a music critic at RTS Radio Belgrade 2. Boris Marković is a project manager with experience in the field of music education. He has been honored with the Charter of Radio Belgrade 2, and is a regular member of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (NUNS) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

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Tivat Music Festival

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