Tivat Music Festival

June 18th – August 12th, 2024

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Tivat Music Festival (TMF) is a new artistic platform on the Montenegrin coast. Tivat, as the most important summer air and sea port of Montenegro, also represents the most important window into the world of elite tourism, which Montenegro strives for.

TMF was formed with the mission to contribute to the branding of Tivat as a Montenegrin port of music, through the realization of a wide range of quality music and opera programs.

Tivat, as the youngest, cosmopolitan city of Kotor Bay and an example of the accelerated development of a small modern city, represents the most promising Montenegrin municipality, for which we plan to introduce cultural and artistic programs that will affirm exactly its profile and its values.

Almost twenty artistic programs that will enrich Tivat’s cultural and tourist offer in the period from April to August will present the first edition of TMF and the specific goals of the festival. Below you can see the three main goals of the first edition of the festival, quantitative and qualitative indicators for their successful realization:


Development of the audience for the musical and fine arts

  • Through various projects and programs, TMF will work on developing the audience for art music

Strengthening the capacity of the local music scene at the level of the Municipality of Tivat

  • Gathering, presenting and cooperating with different profiles of music professionals (composers, performers, music writers) and amateurs from Tivat, as well as initiating the establishment of individual ensembles.

Support and promotion of female creativity

  • Relying on local heritage, above all on the poetic creativity of prominent Tivat born Maja Perfiljeva (1941-2019), in terms of upgrading, i.e. musical interpretations of her work through different genres and forms (solo singing, choir, chamber ensemble, pop music).

Positioning of Tivat as a special artistic center of Kotor Bay

  • Generating the musical potential of professional and amateur musicians of Kotor Bay, and forming a joint chamber ensemble “Boka” and the City Choir. Presentation of some of the most important artists of today as well as new stars from the region.


Tivat Music Festival

The festival will host some of the most significant artists of today and showcase young music stars from Montenegro and the region